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Dear Friends and Families around the World. LUMBINI HERITAGE HOME NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT! LHH is a B&B in the Patan area of Kathmandu - founded by the young entrepreneurs Aman and Esther. This guesthouse offers wonderfully restored and cozy rooms for sleeping and relaxation, but its first and foremost intention has ever since the beginning to be a place for cross-cultural human exchanges - a place for inspiration, kindness, and friendship beyond borders.

I, Aman, came to Kathmandu in 2011 for my higher studies and to work on my dreams. While studying in Kathmandu, I was volunteering in an orphan home, where I became friends with one of the girls living in the orphanage. named Esther. Together we managed to find jobs at a hotel in the Patan area of Kathmandu, run by a Canadian family, and in 2012 we worked there as receptionists. We worked hard for three years, however, during the earthquake in 2015, we lost our jobs. We did not know what to do – to stay in Nepal, or to try to find jobs abroad. However, we decided to stay in the country and do something here that could be sustainable, self-sufficient, and also set an example for other youth in Nepal to follow. Right after the earthquake and with help from friends, we started the initiative Empower Mission Nepal and worked with empowering farmers, and especially women and youth in Nepal with various projects, but I had to find a way to sustain these projects economically. Having already some experience of working in a hotel, and with a great love for old, traditional buildings, me & Esther decided to start our own guesthouse adventure. It took us around 1.5 years to find a good building in a good location - the historical area of Patan, Kathmandu.

When we found the right building, we named it Lumbini Heritage Home and started the renovation work in 2017. As neither I or Esther studied at business school, or know anything about architecture, or construction work, it was hard to figure out how to successfully restore and renovate the building. Somehow, through hard work, love, and passion for this old building, it succeeded and took form. The renovation work took us 8 months and with a total of five staff, we opened the guesthouse for travelers during November 2017. Ever since the opening, we have had many ups and downs, but through the many wonderful exchanges with encouraging guests we have kept our faith strong. We often hear that our guesthouse feels like a friendly home away from home, and the scope of the guesthouse has ever since the opening expanded to include the hosting of volunteer meet-ups, young entrepreneurs exchange meetings, traditional cooking classes, historical Patan area tours, etc.

We feel that we have in a few years managed quite a lot and succeeded to make many of our dreams come true, while also supporting several community-based projects, such as woman empowerment activities through farming skills training, farming tools support, as well as teaching farmers how to market and sell their products. But then came COVID 19! We know that pandemic has created economic havoc around the world, and our guesthouse is, unfortunately, suffering from the lockdown as well. However, in the midst of the pandemic, something wonderful has also happened - me and Esther have been blessed with a healthy and beautiful baby girl in July.

Her name is Naomi, so now LHH is a true family project! We are still passionate to welcome people to stay with us, and we look forward to sharing our warmest Nepalese hospitality and love for Nepalese culture, food, and history, as soon as it is physically possible and safe for you to visit Nepal. We are therefore requesting both old and new friends around the world to support us with whatever you possibly can in this difficult time. All donations are very much welcomed and needed, however, as a gesture to those who support us with EUR 35, or more, we will offer the following hospitality during your next stay with us:

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