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Mobile School Project for vulnerable children in Nepal

Nepal is divided into three geographical zone, Mountain region, Hilly region and Terai region. Terai
region is flat land and also know as farming land. Musahar, chamar, dome are local ethnic communities
living in this region since generation. they are suffering from extreme poverty. They do farming,
construction, mainly labor intense work. In the past most land was owned by few rich people and they
were slave for these landlords’ working day and night hard for nothing. Many of them don’t have access
to education, good food, health. They are highly discriminated because of their ethnic identity and
caste.   Most of people from these communitiy grew up without going to school. They only know hard work and earn 6 to 8$ a day working 12hours and support their family survival needs. They lack motivation and financial ability to send their children to school. They hardly could afford basic needs. Empower Nepal is running a mobile school in few communities. We are trying to encourage children to go to school.


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